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Welcome to War Tales!
This website is dedicated to bringing you the best online campaigns. Here, you and your fellow players can join one of the factions competing for victory in one of our games, and support your team in their efforts to control the battlefield. Whether this conflict takes place in the Warhammer Old World, the grim darkness of 40K, the Mortal Realms of Age of Sigmar, or some other setting entirely, your actions will determine the outcome!

While the focus of these turn-based campaigns may shift, each campaign will feature a strategic wargame, with a prominent place for roleplay elements and managing your faction's economy. Diplomacy is an option, but throwing politics out the window and relying solely on brute force is no less feasible.

Whatever your approach, remember that you will be working with your faction, and each player can support his or her faction in different ways. From determining the faction's strategy, to maintaining relations with other factions and NPCs, to simply contributing reports; you are free to support your faction in whatever way you feel comfortable with.

Speaking of reports, these are what will allow you to affect the outcome of each turn. Simply place your report in any location on the map, and your faction's control of that area will rise. Individual campaigns may offer you the opportunity to increase your report's impact in various ways. Providing pictures of your models or writing stories about your character's efforts is an oft-used method, as is telling us about any games you played with your friends. Note that, for you to participate, your friends do not need to join the campaign, although inviting them to join this website will add an extra dimension to your games!

If you are interested in joining our community, please click 'Registration' in the top right corner. Check out our forum to discuss upcoming and ongoing campaigns, check out older campaigns in the campaign archive, or dive right into a campaign via the navigation controls on this page.

Enjoy your stay!

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